2017 Challenge

The DICE 2017 theme is (blank) SPACE. Fill in the blank. The blank represents the possibility of any given space, its use and maximum potential. This year, we want to exhibit the process and approach to creating (blank) SPACE. Each team of 2-4 participants will be given a “kit of parts” to create a pavilion. Each scale model pavilion will be designed to create a (performance) SPACE, (play) SPACE, (healing) SPACE, or (blank) SPACE. Teams will select their type of space and location from the challenge list. They will be given their “kit of parts” and have less than a week to design and plan for the model build. Each team will then construct their models at The Eddy. They will be given 3 hours to start and complete their model. The open forum will present the design teams with an opportunity to engage the public in a fun and informal setting.

Challenge Brief

We are encouraging teams to be made up of 2-4 individuals and can be made up of design and non-design professionals. Teams will take turns selecting their space designations from the challenge list. The last team to select their designation will then be the first to select the location for their pavilion. Pavilion locations will be in and around Wingfield Park and a map of the park will be printed to exhibit the models. Teams will have an opportunity to discuss, design and plan their builds prior to the model build, but the time is purposely limited to fit everyone’s busy schedule and make this challenge manageable and enjoyable. The model build will be held Wednesday, September 20th at the Eddy from 5:30-8:30pm. The venue will provide an informal and friendly atmosphere to share the design sketches and interact with the public and other teams. The designs will be exhibited on the day of the Design Conference (September 22) at the Discovery Museum. There will be a short presentation on the thought and design process that went into this workshop. We look forward to the contribution of our community to improve our City.