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Bring Your Thinking Caps

We’ve Gathered Some of Design’s Greatest Minds

Each year, DICE brings together leading designers, thinkers, and doers to share their ideas and inspire attendees. This year's speakers beautify everyday items, explore the potential of America's deserts, and conceive some of the world's most awe-inspiring residences.

Keynote Speaker

Anne Fougeron, Principal, Fougeron Architecture

Fougeron Architecture’s work furthers discussion and debate on the housing
trends in the Bay Area, specifically infill housing projects on sites which were once abandoned or freeway overpasses.

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Dr. Sina Mostafavi, Associate Professor at Texas Tech University,
Huckabee College of Architecture

Dr. Sina Mostafavi is a practicing architect, researcher, and educator with computational design and architectural robotics expertise.

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Let's Get Thinking

Tickets for this inspiring day of design are available now through the Nevada Museum of Art.

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